The Agribusiness

Due to favorable soil, relief and weather conditions, we are able to supply the nation with food and also export a large portion of our production, generating richness and effectively contributing with the national economic activity. The agribusiness is considered the main engine of Brazilian economy and its contribution in the country’s trade balance is extremely important.

Brazil is the only country in the world that still presents a growth potential in agricultural exploitation without significantly affecting the environment. Currently, we are one of the global leaders in production and export of agricultural products such as coffee, soybean, sugar, alcohol, corn, rice, coconut, fruit juice and much more.


It is in such a promising scenario that an intelligent and committed commercial option is presented to assist the producer in the acquisition of fertilizers essential for the success of the agricultural production. Dedicated to continuous improvement of our products and services, we will always be together with our customers aiming at the growth of the Brazilian agribusiness.

BRFértil has in its DNA a summed up experience of more than 20 years in the domestic and international fertilizer markets. Our know-how is focused in understanding and serving the needs of our customers in the optimal time of decision-making about the acquisition of such inputs.

Internal Structure

We have a team engaged in the following sectors:






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