Why invest in Brazilian agribusiness?

20 DE Abril de 2016

The income generation and productivity evolution from Brazilian agribusiness are above the world average.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the agricultural grain production in Brazil jumped from 57.8 million tons in 1991 to spectacular 209.5 million tons in 2015. This production is mainly based on soybean, corn, cotton, wheat, beans, rice, coffee, sugar cane, among many other cultures. Domestic production was higher in 2015 with respect to 2014 by 7.7%.

For 2016, the expectation is that the country produces 0.6% more than in 2015, which corresponds to 210.7 million tons.

Also according to the IBGE, the Brazilian agribusiness GDP grew 1.8% compared to 2014 and shows a steady growth of 3.6% on average in the last 19 years. Some products recorded an increase in production, especially soybean (11.9%), corn (7.3%), sugarcane (2.4%) crops. In livestock, the growth highlights are the segments of pigs (5.3%) and chicken (3.8%).

Brazil is a world leader in the production and export of various agricultural products

First producer and exporter of coffee, sugar, alcohol and fruit juices

Leads the ranking in external sales of soybean, beef, chicken, tobacco, leather and footwear

It presents significant prominence in international markets of corn, rice, chestnuts, nuts, and pork and fish.

The good performance of the sector’s exports and the growing supply of jobs in the supply chain cannot be attributed only to the Brazilian agricultural vocation. The scientific and technological development and modernization of rural activities, obtained through research and the expansion of the machinery and tools industry, also contributed to making the country one of the most reputable global agribusiness platforms. The adoption of animal and plant health programs, ensuring the production of healthy food, also helped the country to achieve this condition.

A very important factor in Brazil’s position in a global population explosion scenario and the consequent need for increase in production and food offerings is the fact that Brazil is one of the only countries that still have increased potential areas farm without significantly affecting the environment. This fact puts our country in strategically privileged position.

The BRFértil genuinely Brazilian company, which imports and sells conventional and specialty fertilizers, agricultural and industrial use, is placed in this scenario as an important part in the spread of increasingly current technologies and coming against you need the entrepreneur’s agribusiness increasingly demanding and intensive production.

Here are just some information that assist in the analysis of possible scenarios for the evolution of the Brazilian agribusiness and its economic and social potential; and aims to demonstrate that numerous opportunities are present in the clear context of growth and development, even in the current extremely adverse political and economic environment.

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