SCU Urea

Gradual release fertilizer, SCU Urea (Sulfur-coated urea) distributed by BRFértil has 37% nitrogen (N) plus 15% sulfur (S) and is coated with two layers: one sulfur layer and one polymer layer (Sealing material).

Depending on the temperature and moisture conditions, these layers can gradually release nitrogen and sulfur, for up to 150 days, controlling the availability in the soil.

Advantages for the Producer

Regular and continuous provision of nutrients when the plants need;

Low Nitrogen (N) loss due to leaching and volatilization;

The optimization of nutrients use reduces volumes to be transported;

Applicability extended to several agricultural crops;

The sulfur (S) present in the product influences the chemical quality improvement of the fertilizer;

It can be applied in dry environments, since the nutrients will only be released in moisture conditions.

Merely illustrative pictures, the products can be subject to alterations in color and grain size.
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