Wants to produce ARLA 32 and found the supplier of the raw material?

19 DE Abril de 2016

ARLA 32 is a non-flammable solution, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-explosive.
It is also not harmful to the environment.

Nitrogen oxide is a gas formed by the combination of nitrogen and oxygen through combustion at high temperatures. It is an important pollutant of the atmosphere and gives rise to acid rain and the formation of ozone. It is irritating to the humans respiratory system and can impair lung function.

ARLA is short for Liquid Reducing Agent of Automotive nitrogen oxides (NOx). The number 32 refers to the concentration level of the urea solution, high purity, to be 32.5% in demineralized water. Its function is to act in the exhaust systems of the engines as a reducing agent emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

To be produced, the ARLA 32 requires raw material (UREA) with high purity.

The concern with the reduction of emissions of environmental pollutants are the values of BRFértil, so the company imports UREA of the best world producers, already bottled, which prevents product contamination occurs with other agents ensuring the purity required for production of ARLA 32.

We have availability to supply the raw material urea with all the guarantees that the ARLA 32 high quality is produced within the standards certified by INMETRO.

Check out the video showing the operation of the ARLA 32

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